Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Update for all

Its been two days since HFR5 has occured, and while I have not heard how we did, I do know that we unfortunately did not take the title this year. I like to think that we did take third, so no matter how much anyone says otherwise, including Mr. Michael Ness the race coordinator, the 3.14 Rates have taken third this year.

I know that this is upsetting to all, but we like to look at it this way - because someone else won, that means we don't have to stay up at night worrying about what group of miscreants (like us) are plotting to do to get the trophy from them. Mr. Ahola knows the plan, and he will not share it with any of you.

In other news, while we wait for HFRVI, there will be a race on the east coast to fill the void. Are you westerners up for navigating the streets of Boston by periscope? Driving up Mt. Washington while covered in fog? Unlocking the mysteries of Lovecraft without going mad? Eating a gallon of cold New England Chowder with gummie worms?

You are not prepared.

Dates coming soon, so get ready to book your flights

Sunday, October 11, 2009

on our way to the finish line
just scored some sweet pics at an indoor skate park and almost killed myself trying to stand on the damn board - 3.14 rates will kick you
we've been penalized by 30 minutes because the other teams are scared of us - also self-penalized 10 minutes so we can finish our beers
need a skate park near 1st and university in seattle wa - call/text me with an address and we can go from there
passing on canvasing for a local rap radio station for now to focus on photo challenges for points. hopefully wont screw us in the end
tried to get a picture behind the counter at mcdonalds - attempt #1 is fail